About the Show:

The ResistanceMom podcast is the story of Americans defending and rebuilding democracy today, for our own sakes and for our kids.  Our story far eclipses the perfect storm of Russians, billionaires and racists that lifted a mobster and traitor into the White House in 2016.   

Millions of us have now become activists: marching, knocking on doors, running for office, and teaching our kids to never look away from the atrocity of racism.  We are each finding our own paths to stand as a community in defense of our democratic system and the values to which we aspire.

Host Andrea Hildebran Smith talks with leaders from every angle of the resistance about how to make an impact that will last, the fight to end gun violence, movements for sustainable economies, defending America’s immigrants, and confronting white supremacy.  The show does a deep dive into new frameworks for protecting speech and civil rights online. We have a particular focus on our responsibilities to the next generation: engaging youth activists, and figuring our how to at once protect and prepare kids for the challenges they are about to inherit.  

This work is not easy and the news is often devastating, but there are victories to celebrate all around us as well.  We have barely scratched the surface of the impact we can make as voters, elected officials, advocates and parents.

Listen to the podcast and be a part of the community that is keeping democracy real in America.

About the Author:

Andrea Hildebran Smith is a writer and activist who has worked in progressive advocacy and community radio for more than 30 years.  She has worked on ballot measure and candidate campaigns, been a lobbyist and fundraiser fighting anti-gay ballot measures in red states and rural communities. She was the executive director of Kentucky Fairness Alliance, the public education director at GLAD in Boston, and founded an award-winning community garden in St Petersburg, FL, where she lives with her wife and amazing son.

Our Support Community  

A special thanks to our friends at Norval Sound Recording and Resonance Designs who support our efforts with their resources and technical abilities. We couldn’t produce the show without their hard work, knowledge and faith.