Late Friday, the New York Times published a story that many see as a prelude to Trump firing U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rod Rosenstein is responsible for overseeing Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s Russia connections. Firing Rosenstein is Trump’s quickest path to shutting down the investigation.

If Trump fires him, you and I, and hundreds of other people here in St Petersburg have pledged to join in massive nationwide protests to protect the most fundamental guarantees in our Constitution – that all people are equal in the eyes of the law.

This President doesn’t think the laws apply to him: laws against foreign governments involving themselves in American elections, against accepting money from foreign governments while in office, against nepotism, against money laundering, against obstructing justice.

The only way the laws will apply to him is if we show up in person to demand it. The American people will have to use our voices and our bodies to peacefully, but unmistakably, make ourselves heard.

He has moved repeatedly to obstruct the investigation into his campaign and administration – firing the FBI Director, James Comey, and continually used the power of his office to slander and force out of office numerous law enforcement officers who are potential witnesses to his illegal behavior.

The Mueller investigation is closing in on him and his corrupt family. If he uses the power of the Presidency to declare himself above the law we must turn out in the largest numbers this country has ever seen to insist we will remain a nation of laws, and not head down a path to dictatorship.

Please be ready to join in a demonstration and march anywhere you all in the country over the coming days. If the national coalition decides to activate our protest before 2pm, the march will happen AT 5:00PM THAT DAY. If the decision to march comes after 2pm, the march begins AT NOON THE FOLLOWING DAY.

PLEASE spread the word with friends and family members that the time to stand up for the America we know is coming quickly.

If you feel the need to speak out now, regardless of any national call-to-action you can Stand On Every Corner. Pick a corner, find a friend to join you and bring a sign. Spend an hour showing everyone passing by that people are standing up for democracy and for equality under the law. #StandOnEveryCorner protests have sprung up in over 200 cities across the country since Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Putin. Dozens of people in St Pete have already started spending an hour at busy intersections each week defending the core values that define us as Americans.

Thank you for Standing on a corner, or for being ready to participate in the national action if that becomes necessary over the coming days. We will be in touch with details as they become available.