Today’s episode starts with a true, day-in-the-life story of a ResistanceMom.  Me.

Yesterday was a podcast recording day, with a big guest I couldn’t wait to talk to, John Pavlovitz.  It was really cool of him to agree to be interviewed at an as-yet unknown outfit like ResistanceMom. I actually only have 4 subscribers and one of them is literally my Mom.  Needless to say, I was up late writing a script the night before.

But by the time I got to the studio I had already spent over an hour on some complicated homework with my son, made and cleaned up breakfast and packed lunch, and gone with my wife Nadine to a walkathon at his school.  The elementary kids, their little siblings, and lots of parents hiked and jogged around the soccer field over and over raising money for a children’s hospital on a cold day in Florida. We did about 25 laps.

I dash from school to the studio, where we did a great recording session. Then I drove all the way back across town for school pick up.  We stopped for a load of groceries, then headed home to revel in all the Valentines cards of the day.

I made Logan a bowl of pasta while I hustled up a playdate for that night.  On short notice a vigil had been called for the students at Parkland and I had to be there.  My friend Laurie had agreed, on the same short notice to take photographs there for the ResistanceMom website.  A little late, but not too late, the boy is off to a friend’s house and I’m shooting down 22nd Ave S to downtown St Petersburg.   

The vigil was small but great.  Mom’s Demand ‘showed up’ as they always do and were tremendous.  The youth organizers did an amazing job. My Quaker buddies were there.  We took pictures.

Then people started asking me if I’m planning a rally for tomorrow, which is really strange because I’m not planning a rally for tomorrow. I was a full six hours behind the news cycle and didn’t know that Trump had announced he was going to declare a state of emergency to get money that Congress hasn’t approved.  I couldn’t imagine organizing a rally by tomorrow, but… hell yeah we’ll hold a rally tomorrow.

I head home, get Logan from his friends’ house, and put a quick dinner together of quinoa, black beans, and some rotisserie chicken, steamed swiss chard, and a couple of shrimp in olive oil.  I won’t lie – I have pretty high standards for food.

We do bedtime, including reading a couple pages from The Lord of the Rings.  When Logan hears that I still have to write a show for tomorrow, he actually shoos me out of the room, saying, “why are you keeping me from falling asleep?”  He’s a riot.

I start writing tomorrow’s show.  And I’m as tired as I’ve ever been.  Feeling some pressure to respond adequately to the way Trump’s State of Emergency is a serious attack on our Constitutional separation of powers, next I write an email asking people to protest tomorrow at 5:00.   

And Onwards.